Jotz Sails

Day Sailer Price List 2018

1st Place - 2007 Day Sailer North Americans, Eugene, Oregon

Phill Root did it again!!! Jotz Sails have been the choice of winning Day Sailer Skippers for over 30 years. In the past 10 years alone, Jotz Sails have taken the majority of national titles.

To order your custom-built Jotz Sail, please send the following information or use the Day Sailer Order Form.

  1. Your mast make

  2. Your sail number

  3. Your choice of number color: black, red, blue, green, or pink

  4. Your complete UPS shipping address and telephone number

  5. Your check, in full, for sail(s), accessories, sales tax (if applicable), and shipping

    For sails and accessories delivered in California, add 7.25% sales tax.
    There is no sales tax on shipping.
    There is no sales tax on goods shipped out of state.

Delivery/Shipping - Order Early!!!

Jotz Sails will ship to any UPS address in the 50 states. Delivery takes two to eight weeks depending on the season.

Day Sailer Sails and Accessories

4.8 oz Square Weave Mainsail - includes numbers, glass tapered battens, and sail bag $650
Spreader Window - Mainsail $25
Collision Window - Mainsail $35
4.8 oz Square Weave Jib - includes collision window, adjustable rope luff, and sail bag $385
Yarn Window - Jib $25
0.75 oz Radial Head Spinaker with Bag - most colors available $495
Shipping - East Coast Main and Jib $60
One sail $50
Shipping - Mid-West Main and Jib $40
One sail $30
Shipping - West Coast Main and Jib $25
One sail $20
Padded Blade Bag - protects lower section of rudder. [Note: No additional shipping if ordered with sail(s).] Bag $65
Shipping $15

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