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Day Sailer Tuning Tips by Hank Jotz

Approximate measurements used by Len Fiock, Day Sailer National Champion

Barber Hauler
For different wind conditions, adjust the Barber hauler distance from the center of the boat (measurement A) to approximately:
  • 30 in. for light wind, under 5 mph
  • 17 in. for medium wind, 6 to 12 mph
  • 18 in. to 30 in. for heavy wind, 13+ mph

Spreader Position
Pin spreaders so they do not swing and are swept back 6 inches from the aft face of the mast.

Jotz Sails

Mast Adjustment
After adjusting the Barber hauler and locking the spreaders, move the mast forward in its step until the mast bumps hard again the front of the mast partners.

The mast should be pressing hard enough against the partners to bend the lower half of the mast backward approximately 0.25 in. The reverse bend will straighten out under the mainsail load when it is in use. When under sail, the lower portion of the mast should have very little fore and aft bend. No reverse bend.

If you want more bend, move the mast foot aft in the step until the mast bears against the back of the partners. Adjust mast bend, more for light crew and heavy weather, less bend for heavy crews. A large clew wrinkle means you need less bend.
Jotz Sails

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