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El Toro Price List 2018

1st Place - Senior Gold Division, 2007 El Toro North Americans

For over 35 years, Jotz Sails have been taking top honors at the El Toro North American Championships. In 2002, the North Americans were held August 1-8, at Huntington Lake, CA and, Jotz Sails took six of the top nine places in the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Gold Divisions. In the past 10 years alone, Jotz Sails have taken the majority of national titles.

To order your custom-built Jotz Sail, please send the following information or use the El Toro Order Form.

  1. Your mast deflection in inches with 50 pounds

    With sail slot up, measure the distance from top of slot to floor. Next, hang 50 lbs midway between bands and re-measure the distance from top of sail slot to floor. The difference between these two measurements is your mast deflection.
    El Toro Mast Bend

  2. Your sail number

  3. Your choice of number color: black, red, blue, green, or pink

  4. Your complete UPS shipping address and telephone number

  5. Your check, in full, for sail(s), accessories, sales tax (if applicable), and shipping

    For sails and accessories delivered in California, add 7.25% sales tax.
    There is no sales tax on shipping.
    There is no sales tax on goods shipped out of state.

Delivery/Shipping - Order Early!!!

Jotz Sails will ship to any UPS address in the 50 states. Delivery takes two to eight weeks depending on the season.

El Toro Sails and Accessories

3.8 oz El Toro Sail - includes numbers, window, glass tapered battens, and sail bag $485
Nylon Padded Blade Bag $130
Acrylan Sail Cover/Bag $65
Acrylan Spar Bag $85
Shipping - total per order for one or more items $20

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