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Pelican Tuning Tips by Hank Jotz

To set your sails correctly, all of the adjustments described below need to be made.

Main Halyard: The main halyard should be non-stretch rope and always to blocked.

Jib Halyard:The jib halyard should be non-stretch rope or wire pulled tight.

Jib Leech and Foot: The jib leech and foot should both be at least 4 inches from the shroud for maximum speed to weather. If you sheet in too tight, the boat will go slow and make leeway.

Downhaul: Use the downhaul at the front to the lug spar to adjust mainsail shape.

  1. Tighten to make the mainsail fuller
  2. Loosen to flatten the mainsail
Forestay: The forestay should be very slack and tied to the mast so that the jib tacks more easily.

Check Rope: Use check rope from front of boom to an eye on the side to the mast to control boom position.

Sailing with Main Only: Move centerboard tip aft about 6 inches to balance helm.

Boom Vang: Use 4:1 ratio for boom vang block and tackle.
Jotz Sails

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